News from #BulgarianLiteratureMonth

After the first third of Bulgarian Literature Month at the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative – editor/curator is yours truly -, I can say that it is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. The correspondence with and reactions of contributors, readers, and even authors are so far very encouraging.

Here an overview regarding the published blog posts until now:

Bulgarian Literature Month – a short introduction
Promoting Bulgarian Literature in the Anglosphere: Interview with Milena Deleva, Managing Director of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation
The Satire of Alek Popov (by Ellis Shuman)
Georgi Gospodinov’s Natural Novel (by Scott Bailey)
Albena Stambolova’s Everything Happens As It Does (by Jean Ping)
Blagovest Sendov: John Atanasoff – The Electronic Prometheus
“Our bitter beloved borderless Balkans”: Kapka Kassabova’s Border (by Dorian Stuber)
Bulgarian Poetry in English Translation: Anthologies – an overview 
Bulgarian Poetry in English Translation (II): the pre-1944 period
Bulgarian Poetry in English Translation (III/1): the period 1944-1989 – Konstantin Pavlov
Marina Konstantinova: The White Coast

Several of the blog posts have been re-blogged, shared or re-tweeted, some of our reviewers also spread the word, and this little piece by Scott Bailey made me smile (especially the headline of the article).

I am expecting some extremely interesting contributions in the upcoming days. Check it out and spread the word about #BulgarianLiteratureMonth – thank you!

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2 thoughts on “News from #BulgarianLiteratureMonth

  1. Karen Van Drie

    Pretty darn cool! I never dreamed when I asked you to create #BulgarianLiteratureMonth for Global Literature in Libraries that it would include a blog post about a famous guy from my hometown, Ames, Iowa. That’s so fun!
    I am so enjoying each and every post, Thomas. It is a ton of work, I know, and the quality of each post shines through. I was so taken with the review of The White Coast, I would have bought it on the spot if it was offered on Kindle. Does the author have any plans to make it available that way?
    Thanks for all you are doing showcasing the beautiful nation of Bulgaria!

    1. mytwostotinki

      Thank you so much, Karen! It’s so nice to read encouraging words! I will try (with the help of my fellow/guest reviewers) to keep the standard high until the end of #BulgarianLiteratureMonth.
      As for the White Coast, I will contact the author and the publisher and will see what can be done do distribute the book also to potential readers outside Bulgaria. Will keep you posted about the outcome. Happy Reading!


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