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An unpleasant truth

Amnesty International has just published a new report on the situation of refugees in the world as I learned from the media. It is a depressing but extremely important document in my opinion.

One of the most shocking facts:

Ten countries (Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad) host 56 percent of all the refugees in the world, and none of them is a rich Western country where so many people complain aggressively about being “flooded” by refugees. And these ten countries receive very insufficient support from most of the rich countries in dealing with the problems this causes to them.

It seems that many in the Western world prefer to see these people drown or dropped on some godforsaken isolated island in appalling conditions for the rest of their lives than to stop interventions that will increase the number of refugees in the future even more or to help those ten countries on a much larger scale as now. What a shame!

Considering the fact that the reasons for the wars and civil wars from which these people flee were mainly created by exactly those countries who complain most about the refugees, I am quite sure that history books in a hundred years (if mankind is still around by then) will mention this phenomenon as an example for the total moral corruption of the Western world and one of the reasons for its fast imminent decline we are obviously facing.

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