Hello world!

“One blog more that the world doesn’t need…”

That’s probably what most of you will think when they come here for the first time. And yes, it’s not that you really need it.

Alas, I hope that for some of my friends and some people who come here just by chance “my two stotinki” will from time to time offer something interesting, something worth reading – and even better: worth commenting.

This blog will be simply about anything that might be interesting to me, but mainly it will deal with the books that I am reading. But I will take the liberty to also cover other subjects on which I feel the urge to give my “two stotinki”.

I am not a professional blogger. This is my first attempt and I am still learning about how to do it properly. So, patience, dear reader. It will take me a while to really come up with a less amateurish layout.

Most posts here will be in English which is not my native language. So forgive my sometimes a bit shoddy English. From time to time I might also post something in German, my native language. I hope you don’t mind the somehow “hybrid” form of this blog.

Finally, I should explain the title: since I have a very special connection with Bulgaria (which will be also a topic of this blog) I changed the well-known expression of the “two cents” to the – for me – more appropriate currency…

I hope you enjoy this blog and come back from time to time.


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2 thoughts on “Two marginal remarks after re-reading ‘1984’

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