News from Retardistan (2)

Facebook: Your algorithm that suggests me to sign up for certain groups is a bit confused – fine. Sometimes I just have a laugh about your inadequate suggestions, and if your paying customers knew that you haven’t got a clue about me and my (and probably millions of other users) preferences in almost all areas of life, your shareholder value would drop by a few billion USD.
But that you allow people to form a group that calls for the execution of people with opposing political views, is a scandal. And I am not talking about the Daesh scum bags, I am talking about those Bulgarian citizens that form the group РАЗСТРЕЛ ЗА ВСИЧКИ ПРЕДАТЕЛСКИ КОПЕЛЕТА НА БЪЛГАРИЯ !! (Execution of all treacherous bastards in Bulgaria), a group that is filled with postings of racist, fascist, and xenophobic content – and the name of the group makes it clear what has according to the members to happen with those who are on the hate list of these morons.
This is not only hate speech, it is incitement to murder, and that is a crime according to the Bulgarian Criminal Code; a long term prison sentence is prescribed for that. How about that, Prosecutor’s Office – instead of harassing the Marginalia team that calls a racist, fascist and anti-Semite what he is, you should rather go after the proven law offenders that are a member of this group which advocates political murder. There are (at this moment) 1707 of them, all easily to identify. So do your job and bring them to justice! A few years in jail will serve them well.
And Facebook: what about deleting this group and the profiles of people who consider political murder a righteous thing?
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      I did, Caroline but looking at the track record of FB in similar cases, I don’t expect that they will take action. It took them even a long time to look into Breivik’s account after he had already committed mass murder in Norway. What makes me even more angry is that in an EU country you have a political party (VMRO) in the governing coalition that is named after a criminal terrorist organisation that killed tens of thousands of people in Bulgaria and abroad in the past, is responsible for the assassination of several heads of state and ministers, supported the Nazis in the holocaust in the Balkans and is asking for the forced sterilization of Roma (since as they say “unfortunately” their complete extermination is no longer a practical option). No wonder that in such a climate FB groups like the one I mentioned – there are dozens if not hundreds with similar content – grow like mushrooms.


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