Missing in Mexico

Ambrose Bierce, Hart Crane, Arthur Cravan, B. Traven / Ret Marut (or whatever his name was), – it seems that Mexico is the perfect place for authors who want to vanish without traces.


Ambrose Bierce: The Enlarged Devil’s Dictionary, Penguin Classics 2001

Carlos Fuentes: The Old Gringo, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2007 – a biographical novel about Bierce’s mysterious disppearence in Mexico

Works of Arthur Cravan, translated by A.G. O’Meara, CreateSpace 2014

The Complete Poems of Hart Crane, Centennial Edition 2001

B. Traven: Ich kenne das Leben in Mexiko. Briefe an John Schikowski 1925-1932, Limes 1982 (=I know about life in Mexico. Letters to John Schikowski 1925-1932) 

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2 thoughts on “Missing in Mexico

  1. Gert Loveday

    Arthur Cravan (also known as Fabian Avenarius Lloyd, Edouard Achinard, Isaac Cravan, Dorian Hope, Sebastian Hope, B. Holland, Robert Miradique, Marie Lowitska, W. Cooper, James M. Hayes and Eva, Dowager Empress of Iceland) is one of my favourite human beings. A truly Dada life.

    1. admin Post author

      When I first read about him, I was not sure if he had really existed – all about him sounds too…dadaistic. But it seems there really was an Arthur Cravan. What an interesting life!


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