Interesting Times

What a week: a Presidential Candidate in the U.S. who has been endorsed almost at the same time by Vladimir Putin, David Duke (Ku Kux Klan), and Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam), and who is discussing in length (no pun intended) the size of his dick during a TV debate.

We are living in interesting times.
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2 thoughts on “Interesting Times

  1. Gert Loveday

    I heard a comment the other day that Trump is not a successful businessman as he claims, but he is a marketing genius. That seems to be what this is about – light, sound and daredevil acts of outrageousness. You might think his behaviour is the thing that’s horrifying the Republican machine, but it seems to me that they’re more horrified by the fact that he’s too …(dreadful word) “liberal”. Contrast Ted Cruz who is said to believe that non-believers shouldn’t be able to vote and that most violent criminals are Democrats. What a choice!

    1. admin Post author

      I am honestly rather horrified when I think about that one of these Republican candidates may well be the next American President.


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