A long-term assignment

I got via email an invitation to be a tester of the Pokemon version 2017. It comes with an iPhone6s for free, various other knick-knacks, and 385 Euro per month for one monthly report (obviously this is a long-term or maybe life-time assignment).

And probably it will also look outstanding in my CV when I can mention later my experience as an official Pokemon tester?!

But on a more serious note: what the heck is Pokemon???

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4 thoughts on “A long-term assignment

  1. Jean @ Howling Frog

    What is Pokemon? It’s the greatest marketing scheme for children ever devised by the mind of man, that’s what it is! It’s got everything: loads of adorable critters with plenty of arcane information to memorize….and they fight each other!

  2. Gert Loveday

    Pokemon is a cunning plot devised by private health companies in cahoots with medical insurance companies to reap enormous profits from the injuries sustained by Pokemoners wandering out into traffic, over cliffs, into compacting machines and furnaces as they track along, head down and eyes fixed on the phone. There is another rumour, which I think is fanciful, that it is a probe by creatures from outer space to see how humans respond to commands from small funny-looking creatures.


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