A brief review of 2016 and outlook for 2017

It’s kind of unavoidable: the year comes to an end, and everybody and his grandmother are looking back to sum up the last year and to make a kind of forecast for 2017. So do I.

On the plus side, I am alive and kicking and intend to be around also next year. No major health issues, family and close friends are o.k. Anything additional is an undeserved bonus.

In telegram style: first book translated by me, first book published in our small publishing house, plenty more high-quality books to be published in the pipeline, reading as usual, blogging less than last year; wrapping up my consulting project with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Kosovo and preparing to start something new in another country whose name starts with Mo- (which means I will start to learn another exotic language), not much travelling apart from the Balkans and Germany – there will be more though next year (Indonesia, here I come again!).

On the minus side, the world is not a particularly cheerful place these days, and I am expecting for next year a further deterioration of the international situation. It looks as if Doomsday is much nearer as I thought last year at this time. But there is always a chance that my forecast proves to be wrong…

Thanks to my family and friends for their kindness, friendship, love. May you have – against all odds – a blessed 2017! Love you!

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