The Little Book of Honey

This is a small and nice book for all who love honey – and who doesn’t?

The Little Book of Honey consists of three chapters. In the first chapter, the reader learns about different honeys from different flowers and from different origins (including such interesting varieties as coriander honey, carob flower honey, thistle honey, or asphodel honey, to name just a few).

The second part is a collection of different recipes for all kind of breads and biscuits and for teatime. If you always wanted to know how to make your own challah, or Yemeni honey bread, or baklava, or tiessennau mel (welsh honey muffins), or if you are just curious to know what you can do with honey, you will indulge in this chapter for sure.

The third chapter, ingeniously named miscell-honey, explains some additional uses of honey: as an ersatz for sugar, as an ingredient of a face cream, as a basis for mead, and others.

The small compact format and the beautiful illustrations by Su Jones and Paddy McEntaggart make it a pleasure to touch the book or to look at it. Elizabeth Gowing, the author of a book on bee keeping in Kosovo (Travels in Blood and Honey) and of a book about the British traveler Edith Durham (Edith and I), has written this delightful book.


Elizabeth Gowing: The Little Book of Honey, design and illustrations by Su Jones and Paddy McEntaggart, Elbow Publishing 2012


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