Blog Statistics for 2018

It is already a tradition to start the new year with a little bit of statistics at Mytwostotinki.

According to the WordPress statistics feature, the blog was visited 4235 times in 2018 (compared to 7154 in 2017). The blog had 3285 unique visitors (4979 in 2017).

The visitors came from 95 different countries. Most of them are from the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and Moldova (last year: USA, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey).

I published 49 blog posts (24), of which 32 were in English, 12 in German, and 5 in Bulgarian.

Most viewed posts in 2018 were “The Devil within”, “Tschick or Why We Took the Car”, and “The Bleeding of the Stones” (as compared to “Logic for Democrats”, “The Devil within”, and “Tschick” in 2017.).

The original languages of books mentioned or reviewed last year on the blog: German 74(5), Bulgarian 50(7), English 16(2), French 2(0), Albanian 2(0), Russian 1(0), Serbian 1(0). (Last year there were 2 books from Turkish and one each from Japanese and Italian mentioned/reviewed on the blog.)

The blog had at the end of the year 2018 1221 followers on Twitter (1202) and 797 on Facebook (686).

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