Tschick or Why We Took the Car


This review is part of the German Literature Month, hosted by Lizzie (Lizzies Literary Life) and Caroline (Beauty is a Sleeping Cat)

Usually I am not quoting from book blurbs. But in this specific case, I’ll gladly make an exception:

2 thoughts on “Tschick or Why We Took the Car

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  2. Peak reads

    I enjoyed your review of this great book by the talented Herrndorf-as you say it strikes a balance between humour and taking the protagonists’ problems seriously and appeals to the adult too who have been teenagers once but are now maybe parents thinking ‘Whoaa!! Steady!’. I like this book so much I often give it to my friends- only last October I gave it to a good friend with whom I studied German at university many years ago for a birthday present. Thank you!!


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