Just wondering

The Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Razhidov awarded recently an important prize to the so-called historian Bozhidar Dimitrov, an ultra-nationalist propagandist and – according to renowned international historians – scientific crook and impostor with a past in some very dirty business.

Just wondering:

Since when is stealing documents from the Vatican Library, manipulating Bulgarian history in the sense of a chauvinist, ultra-nationalist political agenda, and working decades as a snitch and informer for the Stalinist State Security a reason to be bestowed with the biggest honor in the field of Bulgarian culture, the order „Златен век“ (Golden Age)?

Bozhidar Dimitrov is not a historian but a “chalga historian” – he is known under this name among his colleagues internationally – and the name fits him perfectly.

Once again, Minister Razhidov is besmirching the dignity of all people working in the cultural sphere in Bulgaria and all cultured people there.


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