Manol Glishev is “rather amused“ – by what? By the death of 11,363 Jews who were sent to Treblinka by his idol and the blog post I wrote about it.

Manol Glishev is also inspired – he promised to write a poem/poems about this amusing topic. – “My funny Holocaust Haikus“ is the working title as I have heard.

And judging from his fine sense of humor, I am sure not to expect in vain a sitcom featuring Macedonian Jews cracking jokes in the gas chamber…soooo amusing – at least for a person with the character of a Manol Glishev.

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4 thoughts on “Retardistan

  1. Manol Glishev

    “My Funny Holocaust Haikus”? It must have been taken completely and manupulatively out of context by you or a blatant lie of yours. Which of the two? Where did you see it? How does it look like in Bulgarian? Or was it in Bulgarian at all?

    1. admin Post author

      “A blatant lie of yours” – careful, Mr. Glishev. I never make up anything I am writing here; so I would advise you to be a bit more diligent with your choice of words. Especially when the truth is so obvious. You made it very clear on more than one occasion, which anyone who followed your written statements in social media for example can easily remember or look up, that the murder of more than 11,000 Jews and the discussion about the responsibility of Boris III and other Bulgarians for it, is amusing you. Just like posing with Nazi insignia in public is something amusing to you. And you also announced your plan to write Haiku about it, so again I am quoting you. About the working title I wrote in my post “….as I have heard”, because I heard it from someone I trust. I hope that enlightens you sufficiently.

      The topic is closed.


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