An easily accessible book

One of the things about Finnegans Wake I love most is the fact that it is such an easily accessible book.

An example – but I could quote from any page:

“…for to plaise that man hog stay his stomicker till her pyrraknees shrunk to nutmeg graters while her togglejoints shuck with goyt and as…”

Have you read Finnegans Wake? What is your opinion about the book?

Finnegans Wake

James Joyce: Finnegans Wake, Viking Press 1966

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2 thoughts on “An easily accessible book

  1. Gert Loveday

    Thomas, as it happens we have just come across a Turkish translation of Finnegans Wake, and it’s the second in Turkish. Last year a Chinese translation of the first third was published and when asked when the rest would be coming out, the translator said, “May God give me the strength to finish it.” By sheer coincidence, we have a post to this effect scheduled for this Sunday.

    1. admin Post author

      Probably for a translator this is a titanic task, Gert. I read the German translation (or better one of them) and was impressed by the ingeniousness of the translator, but even this version in my native tongue didn’t help me really to understand most of the book. Now I am looking forward to read your blog post. 🙂 (By the way, there is a novel La disparition by Georges Perec without the letter e – and it was successfully translated in many languages – probably that is a similarly challenging task for any translator.)


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