Snowy landscape with R.W.

Snowy landscape with R.W.
The photo, black and white
At first glance apparently nothing special on it
For a Christmas day in the mountains
A snow landscape
Which you probably crossed despite your age
With powerful space-grabbing steps
The railing
To which you probably did not hold on
The firm and secure imprints of your winter boots
Which were the only luxury you have ever had
Well-earned after years of work
While washing the tables in the asylum for the insane 
And while sticking bags
A more useful occupation than writing books
(Your last one found exactly seventeen buyers)
Like the characters from your works
You had the madness already left behind
And you had been healed
As the hat was rolling from your head
And came to lie next to your body
In the snow 
(My translation of a poem originally published in German)
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