A new Bulgarian movie: Voevoda

Voevoda. This movie is better than Vasil Levski (the film) – but that’s not difficult, almost all movies are better than the chalga version of the Apostle’s life. Is Voevoda a good movie? No, it’s full of cliches, and visually the film is rather weak in my opinion. I doubt that I will remember a single scene after a few days. I didn’t fall asleep, as I did while watching Gasoline, the most boring Bulgarian movie I watched since a long time. So it was kind of entertaining, but it is not that you really have to see it. 2.5 out of 5 stars IMHO.

Voevoda, Bulgaria 2017, 126′, directed by Zornitsa Sophia, written by Zornitsa Sophia (based on a story by Nikolay Haytov), with Zornitsa Sophia, Valeri Yordanov, Goran Gunchev, Dimitar Trokanov, Leart Dokle, Dimitar Selenski, Yordan Bikov, Vladimir Zombori

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