Bulgarian Literature Month 2016 – update

Due to a lot of work and travelling, I am a bit late with my wrap-up of the first Bulgarian Literature Month 2016. Therefore today just a short note:

I have read 14 books for BulgarianLitMonth, half of them poetry collections, all in Bulgarian. Three of the other books I read also in Bulgarian, none of these books is so far published in a foreign language. Samples of my translations (in German) from the poetry books have already appeared on this blog.

When I was announcing Bulgarian Literature Month 2016, I was not sure if there would be any interest by other bloggers or readers. Fortunately the participation of some of my fellow bloggers ensured a really amazing interest in Bulgarian Literature. Thank you all, I am very grateful!

A link list with all blog posts related to Bulgarian Literature Month and a more detailed wrap-up will follow soon; I intend also to publish reviews of the other six prose books I read. Time constraints will delay that a bit, but I will definitely post them in the upcoming weeks.


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